Homes by 1962 renovates single family homes in the Phoenix area with a stylistic edge inspired by mid-century modern design elements. In addition, Founder Allison Irwin writes and publishes a memoir of life leading up to Homes by 1962 and the love story of finding these homes she refers to as “Misters”, her romance with them and eventually saying goodbye to leave them with their new lovers.


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    The Dreaded “Dear John”

    I’ve never been the recipient of the heart crushing “Dear John”, but I can say that I was the unfortunate messenger years ago. It was Singleton times. I had finished my retail shift and was unlocking the apartment door. I looked down and noticed a...


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    Here Comes the Sun – The Re-release 

    I’m feeling the strong rays already. Sun rays, because the Arizona summer is creeping in. And sunny, because I’m only days away from starting a romance with my newest man, Mr. 1955. He’s a special one and makes me feel bright and happy inside. When...


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    Swinging Single

    At it’s best, single was a leggy foursome. Head to toe in knockout outfits. Hair flying perfection in the wind. A crowded 5th Avenue faded away, and the standout, synchronized strut was the only thing to notice. Yes, “Sex in the City” put the power...